"What you dwell on is what you become."  - Oprah Winfrey

This coaching is for individuals and/or organizations committed to exploring and expanding professional organizational growth.  I work with clients and provide the framework to help them get unstuck and move forward. We focus on clear goals: What are you trying to achieve? Coaching is customized for the individual’s needs. Explore the four coaching engagements.

skill development

Leadership Coaching

Team coaching

Executive Development

THe Process

We begin by discussing what coaching is and isn’t. We discuss the coaching process which begins with your goals and ends with your outcomes. Each session ends with your insights and next steps-your call to action.   


You decide what type of executive coaching that’s needed. From there we discuss: What are you trying to achieve? Next we determine how often we will meet and where. And we will always circle back to the first, what do you need and are we achieving this objective?

Your Takeaways

We end our sessions with a look back on your progress and insights.  How have you been improving in the areas we’ve discussed? If you are in a high stakes negotiation, how prepared are you to enter into this conversation of influence? If you are improving your business development skills, how is this new process converting into new business? How is it improving your network?



Let's get STARTED

Curious about making a change and taking your organization to the next level? 


  • Organizations

  • Companies

  • Executives

  • Rising Leaders


  • Effective Leadership

  • Exceed Business Results

  • Cultivate Resilience

  • Heighten Self Awareness

  • Service Excellence

  • Employee Engagement

  • Resolve Conflict

  • Better Time Management