Working with organizations and executives to strengthen culture and performance

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if you’re ready to take your performance to the next level, let’s work together.

Organizations, executives and professionals work with Back Bay Leadership when they want to strengthen their internal culture toward improved organizational performance.  Our engagements always start with the individual or organization’s goals and end with specific measurable outcomes.  Le't’s work together to improve that one area that will make a difference for you or your organization.

Skill Development

Leadership Coaching

Team Coaching

Executive Development



  • Customer Engagement

  • Effective Leadership

  • Employee Engagement

  • Exceed Business Results

  • Heighten Self Awareness

  • Service Excellence

  • Resolve Conflict

  • Improve Turnover

Looking to change your Performance results?

Let’s work together.


Inspiring Stories

Denise takes a positive approach to coaching others to be their absolute best – both personally and professionally.  She brings tremendous experience, passion, perspective and a focus on wellness to her work.  There are literally hundreds of successful professionals that include Denise’s coaching and mentoring as a contribution to their success; I am fortunate to be one.
— Brian Berry, Senior Vice President Global Revenue Management, Hyatt Hotels Corporation
Denise coached me through a career transition from Price Waterhouse Coopers in DC (associate in the Financial Markets Group) to Horizon Media in LA (Brand Strategy on SoCal Honda, North Texas Honda, IFC, and Swirl). In our first phone call we spoke about what I was looking for in my career transition which was something more brand and marketing focused as I was currently in finance. When speaking with Denise throughout my career transition process I felt that she communicated very clearly. The skills she taught me are ones that I continue to use and will help me in my future career transitions. Denise built confidence in me which enabled me to reach for the stars and apply to careers that would challenge me and enable me to be more passionate, which was something I was currently missing at my company.
— Courtney Davis, Assistant Brand Strategist Horizon Media LA
I worked with Denise during her leadership tenure at Marriott.  She is a lifelong learner who is known as a coach and leader of talent growth and development.  She models for others the importance and the integration of health and wellness as foundational for creating team cultures of high performance that yield sustainable business results.   Her outstanding credentials and business experience speak for themselves!
— Peg Clarkson CPCC, PCC Optimum Leadership Strategies
In my over 25 years of working with Denise I have always been impressed with her positive, can do attitude.   She has a unique insight into how to connect and motivate people to do better at work and be a better person both physically and mentally. She has always been one of the most driven and passionate people I have ever met.  She is passionate with a heart, always bringing others with her and not leaving others on the sideline. She puts people and ethics first and always, even when it might be extremely difficult.
— Kevin Schwab, Area Vice President South Central Region Marriott International
Denise is an experienced person highly dedicated to helping young generations learn. She was an outstanding mentor and guest speaker to my students during my tenure as Department Chair, Hospitality Tourism Management at UMASS Amherst Isenberg School of Management. Her genuine interest and commitment to helping young people succeed were unmatched when she was engaged in our executive mentoring program.
— Dr. Haemoon Oh Dean, College of Hospitality Retail and Sport Management University of South Carolina
To know what my first steps are after college graduation are critical and with just a few meetings with Denise I am confident of my future path. Denise guided me through so many aspects of my future. She has helped me in many ways whether that be with my resume, connecting me to so many people in my chosen industry, and being there anytime I have any questions or concerns. Denise has become my career coach and I cannot thank her enough. The resources and experiences she has make her an amazing coach. Denise is always one phone call away and I know for a fact she will be a resource I will use the rest of my life.
— Emilie Haight, Johnson and Wales Class of 2019
As a mom of a two Generation Z’s, I was challenged with bridging the gap of business success -first experienced for me as power suits, a corporate package and a promotional track with an entirely different mindset of my young adult daughters. As my oldest daughter completed her sophomore year of college, she knew that a coach would be critical in mapping out her initial career steps. She was so fortunate to connect with Denise Durgin to build her pathway of professional development. After working with Denise, she said “I am confident that I am prepared for my future.
— Joanne Haight, mother of Emilie Haight


Combining experience and passion for others' to succeed in four ways.

Leadership Coaching:  What are the aspects of leadership that you want to improve? What leadership style are you? How is this conveyed at work? Is it consistent? What’s been the feedback of your peers, teams’ and leaders? 

Team Coaching:  The internal culture of your team and organization is a direct correlation to team performance, financial success and customer satisfaction which creates brand loyalty.

Skills Development: Let’s work together to hone in on that one skill you want to improve in order to move the team or organization forward.

Executive Development: Executives face daily challenges and long term stress. Working with a coach to improve an area of the business or your own leadership challenges is worth the investment.