"You can change everything about your business by changing your thinking about your business."  - Zig Ziglar

Investing in organizational coaching for  your teams’ can have a positive effect on employees and business results. According to a study by HCI for the International Coach Federation, "Organizations with strong coaching cultures indicate recent revenues above that of their industry peer group (46% compared to 39% of other responding organizations) and report higher employee engagement (61% and 53%, respectively). Among those who have received coaching, a strong majority (80%) report positive impacts resulting from the coaching engagement. Among the areas where they report improvement are their work performance, communication skills, productivity, well-being, and business management strategies.”

Let's get your team ready to play. 

The Process

I will work with your goals and ask you; what is the biggest challenge you are facing in your organization? What have you done to overcome this challenge? I will also ask your employees the same question.   After receiving feedback, we will tailor your sessions around the following options:

  1. Assessments that can improve performance and employee satisfaction. We will start by discussing your goals of the assessments. What are you trying to achieve? How can we measure it?  Next we will discuss what type of assessment to use. Assessments can bring the team together to understand that everyone is different with  unique gifts and talents. When these talents are used in the right way the results can be very powerful.
  2. Group coaching to uncover challenges and solve roadblocks to success.
  3. Effective brainstorming techniques that can unlock creativity and innovation with one to three takeaways that can be easily implemented and measured.


OnSite Workshops

The first step of the onsite workshops is to discuss your goals for the day.  If you are interested in a executive retreat, team building, improving service culture, what have you done in the past? What has worked and why? What hasn't’ worked and why? What are the challenges of the team? What are your desired outcomes?   Next, it is important to understand the teams’ goal for the day. I will ask the team questions such as:

  1. What are two or three things you would like to gain out of this session? For example, what would success look like for you when we are done?
  2. If you heard the statement,  “I would like our team to be even more successful than we already are” What are one or two areas you would like to see improved?

what is the biggest challenge you face in your organization?

Together we can work through it.